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Anna Ferris

I’m a professionally qualified translator offering translation, editing and proofreading services from English and French into Spanish and Catalan.
Since 2003 I've been translating in the fields of art, literature and film for museums, galleries and dubbing and subtitling studios. I’ve also helped international organizations and businesses reach and connect with the Spanish-speaking audience.

Passionate about my work, I take strict care of my customers and their projects. Efficiently and without neglecting the creativity that the command of my target language provides me, I recreate all contents faithfully and accurately, while preserving the style of the source text.

For me, the important thing is getting a product that meets your expectations. With my language skills, my extensive experience and a vocation for literature and cultural exchange, I will work with you to understand what you need and achieve a product exquisitely finished.
My aim is to reach a solution that enlivens the text and thus make the difference. I stand for quality in translations, with solutions not only acceptable, but sublime.

I live in Valencia and here is where I have my studio, but fortunately, with technology, I can offer my services anywhere in my country or abroad. Wherever I go, my laptop comes with me. We can review our projects over the computer and conduct meetings on the phone or via Skype. If you like how I translate, no matter where you are settled, we can make it happen.
Feel free to contact me anytime.

I offer non-binding quotes to discuss your project and see how we can reach the best solution.

Anna Ferris

Left - Getting to know the artist better. Barbara Hepworth’s Museum and Sculpture Garden, St. Ives, Cornwall. Summer 2004 // Right - With artist Assad Kassab reviewing some texts in his studio.

In 2002, I moved to London to finish my Translation & Interpreting degree. When I returned, I settled in Barcelona where I obtained a Master’s Degree and started practising my profession. I worked for dubbing and subtitling studios and also as a proofreader for publishers.
Since then I have gained a lot of experience in this fields. I’m highly committed to CPD. That’s why I’m constantly attending courses, seminars, webinars, e-conferences or tutorials related to translation and my areas of expertise. Besides, I attend professional congresses every year in my country and abroad.

As a translator I work with numerous subject areas and I’ve translated over 3,000,000 words on different topics:


Besides I am very proud to have published more than 30 books on the field of art, and worked with the best museums and art publishers.

In love with translation. In love with languajes. In love with my job!.

Anna Ferris

More then 12 years working with the most exacting customers

"I had the pleasure to work with Anna, she’s an excellent professional, rigorous in research, scrupulous in writing, and she always delivers on time. It’s nice to work with her, she’s always in touch to solve any question or problem. I recommend her to anyone looking for a high quality translation."

Eva Girona, freelance translator.

"Working with Anna Ferrís was a total demonstration of professionalism and skill, but most importantly, she is a good listener. She totally understood the needs of the project and the level of the translation was excellent. Her translations are natural, accurate and clear. I would work with her a thousand times."

Assad Kassab, plastic artist.

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with Anna several times at Pangrama and have always been completely satisfied. Anna is a responsible and rigorous professional. She always meets deadlines and delivers accurate, precise and well documented work. It’s very easy to work with her as she’s very friendly and open to suggestions and comments. In fact, a highly recommended professional for any required translation work."

María Vall, project manager at Pangrama and freelance translator.

"Anna Ferrís is a great professional. She is patient and tireless towards any translation problems that can arise from the diversity of the text sources. Her rigour even leads her to edit the original texts. Our relationship has always been very nice and easy, she has adapted to work complications suggesting ways to solve them. The results have always been praiseworthy. We are fortunate to work with her."

Manel Granell, IVAM project manager at the Publishing Department.


I always adapt to the spacific needs of my clients


I provide professional and outstanding translations from English, French, Spanish and Catalan into Spanish, or conversely, from Spanish into Catalan or Valencian.
I produce impeccable texts that successfully meet your goals and connect to the receiver. That is my commitment. With the highest levels of quality and fidelity to the original text, I take great care to ensure that everything is entirely print-ready.


Bilingual review comparing your translation against the original and correcting inconsistencies, and errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I make sure that the translation content, style, register and tone of the original text are maintained, always using the most idiomatic expressions in the target language. Four eyes are better than two.


Review of style and content of Spanish and Catalan texts. I make sure your translation reads smoothly and clearly. I also check it does not contain errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation and that it has consistency of places, numbers, dates, etc. I will deliver a print-ready document that will suit perfectly both the objective and the target receiver.


If you have an audio or video file that you need to have as a written document, I can transcribe it for you. Moreover I can also translate it into Spanish or Catalan.
What might you need to transcribe? Conferences, e-courses, interviews by journalists or students, meetings, phone calls, podcasts, videos, employee interviews, client interviews... any oral text.
Audio and video transcription can help you save time in the video production or editing process. It is faster reading or scanning a transcript than listening or watching an entire video. Send your audio or video files and I will provide a Word or PDF document.
Your recordings and information are always confidential.


I translate and adapt the script. I have translated many documentaries, films and TV serials and cartoons from English into both Spanish and Valencian.

I add subtitles to video contents in Spanish and Catalan, from corporate videos, to e-learning material, movies or TV programs. If you need this service, I thoroughly take care of all the process, from translation to editing and spotting.


Maybe you are looking for something slightly different? Perhaps your company needs to work quickly on a project in another language. You might need to translate:
- powerpoint slides for a meeting with international partners or clients.
- flyers that advertise your company in several languages.
- information brochures, leaflets, newsletters.
- product catalogues.
- hand-outs for a conference, lecture, workshop.
- emails or letters that need to be delivered on the same day.
This is where I come in. I can help you maintain your work rate uninterrupted. I will respond to your request for service in just a few hours, and will ensure your international linguistic needs reach a good conclusion quickly and accurately.

My passion is working in the creative field

Anna Ferris


Reading. Researching. That's my key

The Process

1. A cup of tea
It makes everything on this list much better.
It’s pleasing to face a good work with a nice cuppa.
Don’t you think?
2. Exchange of ideas
Hearing about your project, subject and volume of words. You send me the documents and I will reply as soon as possible with a written quote adjusted to your needs and the exact delivery date.
3. Working words
Upon confirmation, I will start translating and doing previous research. We will always keep in touch during this phase in case you need to send extra information or I have any questions about the document.
4. Editing and proofreading
I will carefully proofread the documents for errors in consistency of terminology and format. I will also make sure that the style matches the original. Finally, I will deliver the documents and await your feedback.
5. Any tweaks?
You will confirm that you have received the documents and that they meet your standards and specific needs. Should there be any changes to implement, don’t hesitate to ask me. I will include them straight away.
6. Another happy client
It is important to enjoy the process of working together, but getting great feedback from a happy client is where the true satisfaction lies. Then I will send you my invoice and I will be paid. That’s it. Easy, huh?

The Philosophy

I like to engage myself in any project I am involved with. My translations are always rigorous and precise. You can be sure there is always a great amount of research supporting them. I have been fully meeting my clients' needs and expectations since 2003 and very often under tight deadlines. That never implied any difference in terms of quality. You will always get a product with the highest quality standards. Your text will sound natural, and the tone, content and terminology will fully match the original. Once we agree the deadline, you can rest assured it will be respected.

These are the requirements I commit to with every project I accept:

1. I strive for the best possible translation every time.

2. I only accept assignments that allow me to strive for this goal.

3. I decline assignments at prices that undercut this goal.

4. I only handle assignments in my fields of specialisation.

5. I constantly strive to improve through constructive feedback and ongoing training.


Thanks for checking out my site. If you think I can work together, feel free to contact me

Anna Ferris

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